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Basic concepts such as colors, numbers, location words, and descriptive words are the building blocks that children need to know in order to properly follow directions and engage in simple daily routines. Understanding these concepts is crucial so that children can perform everyday school-related tasks such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Basic concept words are part of the language of instruction and communication in early education settings (e.g., Head Start, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school). Educators use the term "basic concepts" for a variety of words or word pairs that describe relationships in space (in-out), time (early-late), condition (wet-dry), and status/emotions (happy-sad). A thorough knowledge of these concepts/word pairs directly relates to academic achievement.
Here is a list of Super Duper® materials to teach basic concepts. Click here to see research articles that support targeting basic concepts in order to improve a child's ability to understand and use these concepts in everyday language.