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Super Duper® Publications publishes materials for speech-language pathologists (SLPs), special educators (SEs), general education school teachers, occupational therapists (OTs) and parents to help children improve many important skills such as listening, paying attention, communicating, reading, and social interaction. We highly recommend that you (parents) rely on the advice and recommendations provided by the professionals working with you and your child. They know which item(s) will help your child the most. Please be aware and understand that we cannot provide therapeutic advice about your child.
We have a number of free informational articles called Handy Handouts that cover a range of special needs issues. Type in your area of concern (autism, stuttering, etc.), and print out the articles that may be helpful to you.
Here are a number of questions that parents frequently ask us:
I think my child has a learning disability. Where should I go for help?
First, talk to your child’s pediatrician or teacher. The doctor or teacher will know about services available in your area. Also, the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) has a comprehensive website with a state resource list for each state. Programs and services vary from state to state.
Can you recommend any professionals in my area?
We cannot and do not recommend or endorse any specific professionals. To find a local...

SLP, visit www.asha.org
Special Educator, visit www.cec.sped.org
Occupational Therapist, visit www.aota.org
My child was just tested (at school or at a clinic). What do the scores my child received on the test mean?
You must contact the professional(s) who administered the test(s) to your child and ask them. There are many types of tests and many different scores that come from the tests. It would be unethical for us to interpret the test scores your child received because we do not know your child and did not conduct the test(s). Once you have a diagnosis of your child’s disorder from your professional, we can recommend products to help your child. Again, contact the diagnosing professional for specific product/therapy recommendations.
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What items should I get for my child with (_____) disorder (autism, speech, language, reading, etc.)?
It is best to consult the professionals working with your child to choose materials that will benefit you and your child. The SLP/SE/OT and teachers know the most about your child's specific disorder(s) or needs and materials that will work best for him/her.
Refer to our list of Best Selling Products and type in your subject area. You can also find materials quickly and easily by going to our eCatalog, looking at the Quick Reference on page one, and then going to the Topic Section that interests you.
Who creates the materials at Super Duper®?
Sharon Webber, Thomas Webber, and Staff of Editors create and develop many of our Super Duper products®. Our Editors are state-licensed, nationally-certified speech-language pathologists, special educators, teachers, and occupational therapists. All of our SLP Editors hold a master’s degree, have practiced in the field for at least three years, and have earned their Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). In addition to our in-house staff, professionals throughout the country submit materials to us that we develop, edit, and publish on their behalf.
What are some products to help my child with his/her speech sounds?
What are some products that will help improve my child's listening skills?
Super Duper® offers our award-winning HearBuilder® program for following directions, phonological awareness, sequencing, and auditory memory through an online subscription or CD.
How can I help my child increase his/her vocabulary?
What are some resources for helping my child with social skills?
I love the Fun Decks® What are some bestsellers?
What are some products for asking and answering questions?
Do you have any SLPs or Educators on staff to answer questions about particular therapy recommendations?
Yes. If you have questions, please email SLPhelp@superduperinc.com about any Super Duper products®.