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Most Recent Products and Features
Oh snap! More MagneTalk products! Now with Go-Together tiles and a "Check Answer" option!
Updated: 4/20/2021
3D Token Tower
Set goals and use this reinforcement
tool to keep students motivated!
Available in all Digital Products.
Published: 3/24/2021
Animals on Card Backs
Use these adorable critters for Memory
and Go-Together fun. Great
for Pre-Readers!
Published: 3/4/2021
Chipper Chat® Mode
Chip Chip Hooray!
Now enjoy Chipper Chat with
your favorite Fun Decks.
Published: 3/24/2021
Fun Deck Features
Our gameboards are NOW UPDATED
with a faster, collapsible game
spinner, based on user feedback!
Published: 7/20/2020 · Updated: 9/30/2020
Associated cards make a match,
such as questions to answers and
objects to functions.
Published: 7/13/2020
Freestyle Mode
The activities you can do with the card
decks in Freestyle Mode are limited
only by your imagination!
Published: 8/3/2020
Memory Mode
Memory Mode allows students to match cards with identical pictures in this fun, classic game.
Published: 8/3/2020
Super Duper Digital Games
Digital Chipper Chat
Wave the magic wand and watch chips
fly! For more speech and language
fun, give Chipper Chat a try!
Published: 1/29/2021
Digital Bingo
Give the answers, get five in a row,
that is how you play BINGO!

Published: 11/17/2020
Digital Lotto
Wow! Learn new vocabulary and
and match cards with Webber Photo
Lotto. First one to fill the board wins!
Published: 9/17/2020
G0-To Page!
Jump to a desired page with our new
“Go To Page” Workbook Feature!

Published: 2/9/2021 · Updated: 5/26/2021

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