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Always Something New!
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This library is constantly updated with very useful and creative content. I love it!
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I love this library. Every recommendation I've made to make the products work better for me have been completed. I think it's wonderful that they act on recommendations. Thanks Super Duper.
Deloris W.
Super Duper Digital Library is the BEST !
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Order your Super Duper digital Library NOW : For all your speech-language televisits or in person needs! I give it a 5 star review! There is NO question!
Tamara B
I just wanted to say "thanks" for the 7 day free trial of your digital resources. I have enjoyed your materials for years and was saddened to think of them just sitting on my shelf. But, with the digital subscription, it has brought my favorites right to my computer during remote learning. I'd love to see some materials designed to be paired with voice-output devices (AAC) users. Maybe something targeting core words? Thanks again for the trial. I will be signing up for a subscription this morning.
Dawna Kuwaye
I love the new digital products that you are making available. My pt's love the gameboards and we make so much progress with our speech using these virtually.
Lu Ann M Liseski
So grateful!
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I am so grateful for all of the materials added to the digital library! This has been a complete lifesaver while working, virtually, with school-aged students. I really miss being able to use all of the materials that I have access to in the school buildings, and this has truly helped. I do wish, though, that there was a way to create groups to add favorite materials to, so that I don't have to scroll through my lengthy list of favorites between sessions. Thank you!!
I love to use my quick-books and fun decks! they are easy on the go and easy to access no-prep therapy activities. In teletherapy, I am able to show pictures on the camera and the kids are engaged and alert I am a speech-language assistant and also a graduate student working on my speech-language pathology master's degree, winning this $100 would be a huge financial help to buy more supplies to better serve my clients!
Jennifer L.
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Super Duper will not disappoint! I was amazed by all the choices and materials on this site. I also love the data sheets that are available with the majority of the card decks. I haven't been using any other materials online since finding this wonderful resource. Give them a try. You will love it, too!
Cindy Z
Thank You Super Duper!!!
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I have been using the Digital Resources since last summer when they were introduced and it has been an excellent resource for both my Teletherapy therapy sessions as well as in-person sessions. So much easier to clean an IPad than the individual cards. It is a staple with Online therapy. Thank you for the continued update. Played Chipper Chat today for 100th day of school and my students LOVED it!!
Catherine M.
Great Resource!
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I was truly amazed at the vast quantity of materials in the Super Duper Digital Library! There is so much that I don't think I will ever have to look anywhere else. And I love accessing it all from my device. It makes treatment practically paperless.
McKay S.
digital materials
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This has saved me sooo much time since I am providing remote speech and language services! thank you!
Norma G-A
Keeps Getting Better
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I found this at the end of last school year and knew I would have to have it for this school year. It has something for everyone on my caseload. The variety of activities is great. It's been a real time saver for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who's on the fence about subscribing. It's definitely worth the price. You will not be disappointed.
Deloris W.
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I have used this since August for my tele therapy due to the school closures in California. I just want to say, it has been a life saver. The students love it and there is enough variety for all ages. I serve Tk-6th graders. The updates with new versions are terrific. Thank You so much!
Heather F
A wealth of resources!
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I have used this every day all day for the last month. Thank you so much for creating an online version of so many of your products. My students love learning this way, and I appreciate the extra touches you have added (i.e. sound effects on the game boards).
Krista T.
like it
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I like using this program. It is very helpful.
Marcia E.
an excellent resource in these virtual times
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Super duper digital library has been an incredible resource for both my in person kids and my virtual kids. For my in person kids I give them a wireless mouse and they are able to interact as I project the screen on my white board. Meanwhile my virtual kids are also able to play with my in person kids. Its been a life saver. The available printouts for my F2F kids has also allowed me to remain semi-stress free while making sure everyone is completing their goals.
Gabriela P
Great Value!
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Such a game changer! There is so much packed into this resource, books, fun cards, games. I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg. You can print out worksheets and mark up pages of books. I use it for virtual therapy sessions and live sessions.
Mary Anne R.
On the daily!
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I am using your digital products on the daily and they are WONDERFUL!!!! This the best thing to come from Covid-19! Thank you for all your hard work on this fabulous library! I even bought a subscription for my SLPA who is new to the field and it has been a lifesaver for her and me b/c I can direct her to lessons easily! YOU ARE THE BEST SUPER DUPER!!!!
Michaela T.
digital library
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There are LOT of resources in this digital library, which is very helpful and useful for teletherapy. My kids tend to like to play matching games and boardgames and there are many that I can pull up on the fly to use.
Kate J
Awesome Resource!
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The Super Duper digital library is a fantastic resource! The availability of resources that I have used for years makes hybrid services easier to plan. My students are highly engaged in the activities and still enjoy the gameboards. Loving it!
Monica W.
Awesome Product!
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This was the best purchase I made for teletherapy. I use it all day, every day for all of my students. This digital library gave me peace of mind and a wealth of resources at my fingertips!You will not be disappointed!
Michelle P.
Hi! I recently purchased the access to your digital resource library... IT IS AMAZING!!! There are so many of your resources all ready to go and use for remote learning... THANK YOU! With that being said, I was wondering if you could add a search field to the page so we can access materials by subject (ie. categories, articulation, sentence structure, etc.). This would make planning so much easier. Thanks so much! Laura Cappozzo
I am very eager to begin using the Super Duper Digital Library. I am working as a speech teletherapist and I think that these activities are great! They are colorful, engaging, and I can always find something to target the student's goals.
Elizabeth B
Life is good again...
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This tool makes my life SO easy in terms of targeting goals, taking data and planning session for Speech. I am also glad they made the fun deck pictures resizable for kids that have visual impairment, or it helps maintain screen focus. If schools re-open fully ever again, I plan on continuing to this tool on my iPad to minimize carrying toys and games... The game board feature is a great motivator for many of the younger kids (Pre-k - 3rd grade).
Janett CF
I Love It
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I used the free subscription in the spring with my students and fell in love with it! There are some many activities/resources in the Digital Library!
Glenda J.
Digital Subscription
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I'm loving my Super Duper digital subscription. My students are highly engaged in the activities and there are endless targets and resources to access. Live saver and time saver for sure!
Michelle O
Highly recommend
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OMG I am so happy I have this. This has literally saved me for teletherapy-you have all the Super Duper activities at hand!!!
Best Purchase Ever
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This is worth every dollar. I use it for online and in person students every day. This resource is saving me a lot of time trying to find materials that are useful when none of my students can touch any of my materials.
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I highly recommend this for teletherapy! So many resources and very user friendly!!!
Paula Z.
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Super duper is saving my life with great online materials. It is user friendly, the kids are familiar with the materials and it is easy to take data. Could there be a tap to have all Spanish materials together?
Great resource for CFY
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Starting out as a clinical fellow, I only had a few resources on hand and even less that could be used during distance-learning with the pandemic. Thanks to the Super Duper digital library, I have a wide variety of materials for my students readily available! I also like that I can test out many of the Super Duper items online before investing money in the physical version of books, cards, and games.
Deborah C.
Digital Products a Lifesaver
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I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to have access to so many Super Duper therapy materials digitally! This year with having to implement safety protocol to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, it has been wonderful to be able to show my students these products on my smartboard rather than handing them cards. We have played a few of the generic gameboards as well and the students really enjoy them. The digital products keep my students engaged when we are socially distanced in the therapy room. My only request is to add more of the big gameboards such as Vocabulary Bingo, Pirate Talk, Turtle Talk, or Cool In School.
Gabrielle H
Totally Awesome!
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The Super Duper Digital Library is awesome and totally worth the money! It has made such a difference when providing speech services through teletherapy. I would recommend this subscription highly! It is a life saver! I am sure I will also be able to use this when we go back to school in person.
Sandra F
Lovin It!
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I am so lovin the digital library. It has so much to choose from for every area and the game modes add variety. I highly recommend this subscription to my fellow SLPs who are interested in subscription sites. This one is well worth the money.
Deloris W.
Super Duper Digital Library
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With COVID-19 restrictions and needing to provide speech services remotely, the digital library is an excellent resource. It has all the fun decks and other activities I used before and also allows me to present them in a game format.
E. Kay H.
Excelente Recurso! Es ideal!!
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La Libreria digital de Super Duper posee gran variedad de materiales ideales para las Terapias. Y siguen añadiendo materiales todas las semanas. Todo esta organizado y es llamativo para nuestros chicos. Me gustarian mas tareas en español.
Lourdes M.
Best decision
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I am an SLP from Pakistan. The digital resources have been extremely helpful in giving children the kind of stimulus they need. The pictures are vibrant and the questions to build complex language are hierarchical. I hardly have to worry about my virtual therapy sessions after I subscribed to the digital library. During the pandemic, this is the best thing that happened for me as a professional.
Saamia B.
   Verified Purchase
It's wonderful to have this digital library available at the click of a button. The interactive fun card sets offer a variety of opportunities for practice via games such as memory and game boards. Good for both in person and virtual therapy sessions. Well worth the purchase in my opinion.
Kim S.
Articulation Fun Decks Digital Library
   Verified Purchase
As an SLP working in elementary schools, the most useful and engaging activities for my students from preschool to grade 5 are the Articulation Fun Decks. The students practice their speech sounds using the colorful pictures containing a variety of sounds in all positions of words, while I'm able to increase the complexity by having the use the target words in sentences. Mostly, the students remain engaged in the tasks due to the variety of colorful game boards as they attempt to take a turn with the spinner. The students tell me they like the different sounds the markers make as they move the markers around the game boards. I find the memory task where I can choose the specific words to target or select the random mode is the best way to also target maintaining sustaining students' attention during the speech teletherapy session. I hope more activities like this that target language become available soon!
Gina E
Super Duper Digital Library
   Verified Purchase
I am an SLP with 40+ years of experience which includes a 2 year telepractice position for Virutual Academies from 2005-2007. Now that I am back as a telepractioner, having access to hundreds of materials designed to share online is fantastic. Of course tecnology and internet options for telepractice has improved unbelievably since 2007, having this resource from Super Duper is something a SLP or SLPA should absolutley utilize. You will be happy you did.
Deborah E.
Super duper digital library
   Verified Purchase
This library is an amazing resource for speech therapists. My students love the interactive style of learning. The games are fun and the graphics are engaging. I recommend this resource highly.
Suzanne R
Life Saver for Teletherapy
   Verified Purchase
What a Life Saver this Digital Library has been while being thrust into teletherapy that I have not been trained in. This library has saved me hours of gathering materials. LOVE IT!
Lisa B.
Digital Library is PRICELESS!
   Verified Purchase
When I (and the rest of the world) was forced into telepractice in March, my main concern was how to incorporate engaging materials virtually and still address my goals/obj. The Super Duper digital library was by far one of my most utilized material sources. The kids loved the games & cards it it helped that they were familiar to that we had been working on during in person intervention. Not to mention I instantly had access to materials that I had put on my wishlish and now, I don't need to worry about where to store them! Thank you Super Duper- this has made all the difference in making a tough transition much easier. I love these products!
Leann B
SD Digital Library
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Couldn’t manage this years’ remote service delivery without this bank of resources. I used it extensively since the school closure in March and am so thrilled to have it again for this challenging school year! Thank You, Super Duper!!!
Karen R.
Best resource EVER!!
   Verified Purchase
These cards have been a game changer for us doing telehealth. There are so many options to choose from, to help us work on social skills, articulation, language- everything. Having the games and different ways of using the cards has been brilliant. Best money I've spent since commencing telehealth. Thank you!!
Suzie K
Digital Library
   Verified Purchase
This has been the best resource during virtual therapy! There are so many materials available!

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